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By donating, you're supporting our programs that FEED, CARE & EDUCATE! See our community-based programs below:

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Animal Care PA needs your help to support their animal welfare programs that provide veterinary care and food to Pennsylvania animals in need as well as scholarships to those pursuing veterinary careers. Any and EVERY amount helps! Can you help?

Every dollar we receive is invested directly in operating our core programs that help the animals and people of the Commonwealth. If you're unsure which fund you'd like to donate to, select "Area of Greatest Need" and Animal Care PA will distribute the funds to where it is needed the most.

Thank you for taking the time to help the animals of Pennsylvania in need!

About Our Programs:

  • FEED: Henry's Helping Paws Program
    This program provides pet food to senior citizens to feed their pets allowing senior citizens to care for their beloved companions.
    • $25 can feed 1 cat or small dog for 1 month
    • $50 can feed a medium to large size dog for 1 month
    • $300 can feed 1 cat or small dog for 1 year
    • $1,000 can feed 20 medium to large sized dogs for 1 month

  • CARE: The Last Chance Program
    This provides veterinary care grants to animals in need when limited or no financial means exist to pay for care.
    • $50 can provide vaccinations to an animal in need
    • $250 can provide emergency dental care to an animal in need
    • $1,000 can provide can provide a life-saving surgery for an animal in need

If you're unsure which program you would like to donate to, please choose "Area of Greatest Need" and that will allow Animal Care PA to distribute the funds where they are needed the most.

The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF), d/b/a Animal Care PA, was established in 1983, and serves as the charitable arm of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association but functions as an independent Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. The mission of Animal Care PA is to help caring people help animals by bridging the gap through our animal welfare initiatives like The Last Chance Program and Henry's Helping Paws Program as well as funding Veterinary Student Scholarships.