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​Sunbury Animal Hospital and Animal Care PA have teamed up to help animals in need.

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Sunbury Animal Hospital

Sunbury Animal Hospital and Animal Care PA have teamed up to raise money for animals in need. With your help we can provide the food and veterinary care that animals in PA need!

Consider donating to celebrate a birthday or even honor a life. When you donate you can choose which program you want it to go towards, or choose “Area of Greatest Need” to allow Animal Care PA to put it where it is needed the most. You can even set your donation frequency to one time to monthly or even annually! About their programs:

  • FEED: Henry's Helping Paws Program, our FEED initiative, provides food for the pets of senior citizens so the pets and their owners can stay together. This program originated in Chester County and is growing to include other PA counties.

  • CARE: The Last Chance (TLC) Program, our CARE initiative, provides veterinary care grants to animals in need when limited or no financial means exist to pay for care. Sunbury Animal Hospital is a TLC Participating Practice which allows them to request for care grants for their clients who may need financial assistance for their furry friends.

Animal Care PA is the charitable arm of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association and strives to help veterinarians feed and care for animals in need and educate pet owners and veterinary students of the Commonwealth. Consider making a donation so we can help more animals in PA! You can check out our EDUCATE Program at, which helps to decrease the financial burden that plagues veterinary students.